Prices per Human Per Night 2022

Fully Grown Human
Age 13 and upwards £10.00 
Semi Grown Human 
Age 6-12 £5.00
Four-legged friends 
For the duration of your stay £2.00
Not Grown really at all under 5's

We can't accept Caravans or Motorhomes due to our licence.


Tented camping only or if in a small campervan as your main vehicle there must be a tent that's used for sleeping in beside it.


Length Limit for vehicles is 7 Metres

NB: When Booking Online, any under 5's just add to the notes

Before taking the plunge please consider the following;



We are located a 10-minute drive from the main road, this involves some narrow lanes and steep hills


Please double-check the local pub regarding their opening times etc


We don't allocate pitches, we try to leave the field as natural as possible


There is a strict 11 pm quiet rule.


This is a Dog-friendly site, we also like to hear kids play and have fun. 


We are not a large commercial caravan site, so please don't expect one 


Our facilities are basic and rustic, but kept very clean unless we have monsoon weather


If everyone wants a shower at 10 am expect to queue for the two showers


We do not provide a reception area, evening entertainment, hard standings, EHU, we do not have a pool, unless you include puddles in the rain.


If someone decides to have a domestic and make noise, we will provide buckets of cold water to cool them off, but please don't hold us responsible. 


We love feedback, but we cant change, our location, the weather, other people's children, other people's dogs, the lie of the land. 


We are a basic site, in an outstanding area of the countryside, with reasonable prices and a laid back attitude.